It is absolutely amazing that a person of such creative level and broad perspective on creativity, enters the world of cuisine in a way seldom seen before.

Ferran Adrià

 In a world full of information and books, this one you must have

Daniel Humm

What we can learn from chefs beyond cooking

We are used to seeing chefs as cooks. But they are also storytellers, entrepreneurs, curators, artisans, mentors, activists and, last but not least, creative thinkers whose approaches and wisdom can translate into other areas.

21 of the world's best chefs

For the first time, a book brings together the thinking of Albert Adria, Alex Atala, Andoni Aduriz, André Chiang, Bertrand Grébaut, Daniel Humm, David Thompson, Elena Arzak, Gastón Acurio, Helena Rizzo, Joan Roca, José Avillez, Juan Mari Arzak, Massimo Bottura, Nuno Mendes, Pascal Barbot, Paul Pairet, Quique Dacosta, René Redzepi, Victor Arguinzoniz and Virgilio Martínez, to highlight not only their individuality but also their common ground. For what bonds them is also what establishes a connection between them and us. We, Chefs.

A brilliant insight into the chef’s creative minds and their inspiring tangible and intangible environments.

Joan Roca

"The book "We, chefs "makes us feel very proud to be chefs! Congratulations João for reflecting with such subtlety and respect our identity, our environment and the work we carry out every day. " 

Juan Mari and Elena Arzak

João Wengorovius

After working in advertising agencies for more than twenty years, João Wengorovius, former CEO of BBDO in Lisbon, spent four years exploring the themes of creativity, authorship and the search for singularity, through haute cuisine. Following his training at the Alain Ducasse Centre de Formation in Paris, he traveled around the world from Shanghai to Lima, New York to Copenhagen, São Paulo to Paris, London to Melbourne, to discover what we can learn from twenty-one of today's most inventive and influential chefs, beyond cooking.

We, Chefs

In We, Chefs, he invites us to perceive how their quest to find their own voice and claim a cuisine d'auteur, as well as the challenge to keep it alive and fresh, can resonate with many of us.

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