Keynote Speaker

João Wengorovius's keynotes explore the themes of creativity, authorship and the search for singularity (as individuals or organizations) in a world of sameness.
His talks highlight the steps on the quest to find our voice, to discover what makes us unique, to reach a point of view that is unmistakably ours, innovative and authentic. And what happens next. How to ensure consistency with high standards, how to continue to progress and reinvent yourself and not just repeat the same success formula.
The haute cuisine and some of today's most influential chefs are a vehicle to help us reflect on this.
They have much to share with us about the importance of thinking differently, of seeking originality from a vast knowledge of the world and ourselves.

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Sauce | 2018 - Power of Food - Helsinki.  Credits: @borderlessco @sauce 


@congressodoscozinheiros - Lisbon. Credits: Humberto Mouco @humbertofoto



Event CEMS at Nova School of Business and Economics, October 2018

LUSA News Agency, Annual Staff Meeting, December 2018

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